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How I Overcame My Fear of Speaking in a New Language

As someone who loves learning about new cultures and languages, I have always been drawn to the idea of becoming fluent in a second language. However, one thing that always held me back was my fear of speaking in that language. The thought of making mistakes or not being understood would send shivers down my spine. This fear not only hindered my progress in language learning but also affected my confidence in social situations. But after years of struggling with this fear, I finally found a way to overcome it. In this blog post, I will share my experiences and strategies for conquering my fear of speaking in a new language.

My Fear of Speaking in a New Language

Growing up in a monolingual household, I was exposed to English as my first and only language. However, I always had an interest in other languages and cultures. In college, I decided to take on Spanish as my foreign language requirement and fell in love with it. Despite my passion for the language, I was constantly held back by my fear of speaking. As much as I wanted to improve, I couldn’t get myself to speak in front of others in Spanish. My fear of making mistakes and being judged by native speakers always got the best of me.

This fear continued even when I traveled to Spanish-speaking countries and had multiple opportunities to practice. I would stick to English as much as possible, avoiding any situations where I would have to speak in Spanish. This not only hindered my language proficiency but also limited my cultural experiences and connections. It wasn’t until I moved to Spain for a study abroad program that I realized I needed to confront this fear if I wanted to truly immerse myself in the culture and language.

Challenges I Faced

How I Overcame My Fear of Speaking in a New Language

My fear of speaking in a new language brought about many challenges in my language learning journey. Here are a few that I faced:

Self-Doubt and Lack of Confidence

The main challenge I faced was my lack of confidence in my language skills. I constantly doubted my abilities and feared making mistakes in front of others. This self-doubt would often lead to me avoiding speaking altogether, hindering my progress in the language.

Fear of Being Judged

Another issue I faced was my fear of being judged by native speakers. I was always worried that they would laugh at my accent or correct me harshly if I made a mistake. This fear made it difficult for me to open up and speak freely in the language.

Anxiety in Social Situations

As someone who already struggles with social anxiety, my fear of speaking in a new language only worsened this issue. The thought of having to communicate in a language I wasn’t fully comfortable with in social settings caused me a lot of anxiety and stress.

Strategies I Used to Overcome My Fear

How I Overcame My Fear of Speaking in a New Language

Overcoming my fear of speaking in a new language was not an easy task. It took years of trial and error to find strategies that worked for me. Here are some of the methods that helped me overcome this fear:

Practice with a Language Partner

One of the most effective ways for me to gain confidence in speaking was to practice with a language partner. I found a language exchange program through my university where I could meet with native Spanish speakers and practice speaking in a low-pressure environment. Having someone patient and understanding to practice with helped me feel more comfortable and gradually build my confidence.

Join a Conversation Group or Club

Similar to practicing with a language partner, joining a conversation group or club allowed me to interact with others in a more casual setting. This helped me become more comfortable speaking in front of others and gave me the opportunity to learn from different accents and dialects.

Record Yourself Speaking

Recording myself speaking in the language was another helpful strategy for me. By listening back to my speaking, I could identify areas where I needed improvement and track my progress. It also helped me become more comfortable hearing my own voice speaking in the language.

Use Online Resources

With the rise of technology and the internet, there are now countless online resources available for language learners. I found it helpful to use platforms like Duolingo and Babbel to practice my speaking skills. These programs not only provide structured lessons but also have features like voice recognition that can help with pronunciation and boost confidence in speaking.

Set Small Goals

Setting small, achievable goals was crucial in overcoming my fear of speaking. Instead of pressuring myself to have full conversations in the language, I started by setting smaller goals like ordering food in Spanish at a restaurant or making small talk with a native speaker. These small victories helped build my confidence and motivated me to take on bigger challenges.

Progress and Improvements

Despite it being a slow and challenging process, I am happy to say that I have made significant progress in overcoming my fear of speaking in a new language. The strategies and techniques I used have helped me feel more confident and comfortable speaking Spanish. Not only has this improved my language proficiency, but it has also positively impacted my overall confidence and social interactions.

I can now hold conversations in Spanish with ease and even make jokes without feeling self-conscious. My accent has also improved, thanks to the constant practice and exposure to different accents and dialects. Most importantly, I no longer let my fear hold me back from fully immersing myself in the culture and making connections with others.

Tips for Others Facing Similar Fears

Having overcome my own fear of speaking in a new language, I want to share some tips for others who may be facing similar challenges:

Be Patient and Kind to Yourself

Learning a new language takes time and patience. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and remember to be kind to yourself throughout the process. It’s okay to make mistakes and take your time in becoming comfortable with speaking.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Having a strong support system can make all the difference when facing a fear of speaking in a new language. Surround yourself with people who are patient and understanding, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or guidance when needed.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As cliché as it may sound, practice really does make perfect. The more you expose yourself to the language and practice speaking, the more confidence you will gain. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as they are a crucial part of the learning process.

Celebrate Small Victories

Don’t forget to celebrate every small victory along the way. Whether it’s ordering in the language for the first time or having a full conversation with a native speaker, each achievement is a step towards overcoming your fear.


Conquering my fear of speaking in a new language was not an easy task, but it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my language learning journey. By implementing various strategies and techniques, I was able to overcome the challenges and make significant progress in my language proficiency. I hope that by sharing my experiences and tips, I can inspire others who may be facing similar fears to push past their insecurities and continue on their language learning journey with confidence and determination.


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